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Benefits Of
Thermo Roar

Allows you to train harder longer
Delays onset of fatigue
Improves body composition and strength
Enhances concentration
Prepares the body for the next day’s workout
Helps maintain healthy immune function

Sports Supplement

With VASOROAR you can expect a massive increase in nitric oxide (NO) levels, energy, focus and a significant boost in muscle strength and endurance. 
This product is packed with the full clinical doses on most compounds and will work synergistically to fuel even the hardest of workouts. 
It has a massive dose of 6g Citrulline 

Our Customers Reviews


I'm bias because I already like this brand. First time trying the ripped sport. It makes you sweat more than usual during your cardio but that's what I was expecting.

Stephanie Brazil
Los Angeles, CA

Great taste, energy and packaging. I’ve bought preworkouts at GNC type stores and they always soak up moisture and clump up within a couple weeks. This stuff stays dry and works great

United States, USA

Before using this product, I would have difficulty motivating myself to workout, but now I feel like I have to workout to release this crazy adrenaline and gym rage. I can't imagine working out with this stuff. I definitelly recommend it.

Arizona, AZ

I needed a pre-workout and fat burner. Vaso Roar does the trick, I am used to taking pre-workout regularly so I only got a slight tingle in my face and hands but imagine that if you don't take pre-workout as much as I do it would be a bit more intense.

Alaska, AK

This is the second time I bought this product. I love the flavor compare to other ones I have tried. It definitely gives me the energy during workout.

A. rivera
Alabama, AL